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1. lkng4 one man 100% top and dom and that like to be attended and served, cared, loved like a husband
Age: 38 | seeks gay Master dating in Puebla, Puebla MEXICO

2. I'm a bottom crossdresser because I'm a woman with a man's body. So I like only men and act as a biological woman. I 'm very submissive and my dream is to have a top master for to obey him forever.
Age: 50 | seeks gay Master dating in SPAIN

3. Masters are the HOTEST, there nice cocks. The attitude when they fuck you. Mmmm. Special when they unload deep in my ass. Message me and let 's meet up... Slaves rules for the day of me being a slave. 1. I must call u master or sir at all times unless in public. 2. The natural state for a slave is naked and i will be naked in Master presence at all times, unless instructed otherwise or leaving or in not nude public areas. 3. I will douche morning and night... 4. I will kneel at my masters feet or be face down with boi pussy up. 5. Im here to pleasure you not myself. 6. I will only cum when ordered too. 7. For the day of slavery my arse hole will be called cunt, pussy, cum dump. 8. I will refer to my hole as your pussy and show my pussy off and beg you to play with it. 9. Only in public do I have an identity or name other then Slut Pussy Cunt Cocksucker Dump And I must respond to these names 10. My objective as your slave is to pleasure you. So if you are hard I must drop to my knees and either suck u off or allow u to fuck my pussy. 11. I must swallow my masters piss at all times or take it in my pussy 12. My pussy is designed to take my masters cum or piss and his GUESTS at all times. 13. If any cum drips out of my pussy I must scoop it up and swallow it. 14. I must swallow my food that my master has cum on/in. 15. I must always beg for my masters cum and thank him when I receive it 16. I must take my masters cock anytime he wants. Even outside or in public. 17. My masters cock and cum gives me life, I must show my thankfulness at all times. 18. My pussy must never use condoms. All cocks will enter me raw and I must accept with honor any cum or piss pumped inside. 19. I will willingly, freely and to the best of my ability serve Master sexually in any way He requires 20. I will make my body available for Master 's use at all times moving to give Master better or easier access as required e.g. Opening legs for access to my pussy. 21. My safe word is Hippopotamus. Only this word will stop things any other word that means no will make you more rough. 22. Have any suggestions to add here then let me know sir. As I 'm here waiting to serve you.
Age: 34 | seeks gay Master dating in Sydney, New South Wales AUSTRALIA

4. hi 100% top, hiv- , and have needs : a 100% bottom man (I prefere young because most old are formated from many abused by other trip or man, and wants groupsex xtrem sex etc and it s not for me ) hiv - , with tight ass (so not plug, fist etc...) for a permanent 24/7/365 and exclusive So : no website sex connexion, no 3th man, no gay party, real one to one relation, give you to be mine as life You must have your own home near me i ll real top (5 to 10 by days, even after 10 years) - i can cum in ass 3 time before have pause, and all night i sleep and stay in your ass (so need a real bottom man) and need a real houseboy (wash cock sex ec... every days every years) even many years i m never tired of my boy so, ready o be mine?
Age: 42 | seeks gay Master dating in Toison, Dijon, Bourgogne FRANCE

5. I love sub bottom because I am dominant top and vanilla sex make me bored and I have soul of dominan
Age: 34 | seeks gay Master dating in Surabaya, East Java INDONESIA

6. I have this huge fantasy I hope someone out here will take it as serious as I do. First off I have never been with a dom man B4 ever. So if you do this you will have a guy who is a virgin. That means you will have to train me on how to pleasure you. Now I have always wanted to be taken and kept tided up or kept anyway that you would want that will keep me. I want you to force me to take you in my mouth. I want you to force me to email] your juices and you never have to where protection. You also can have as many friends you want to take advantage of me. You can torcher me I cant stop you ever cuz I will be tied up or in cuffs or whatever you like to use. I also will sign paper work that this is my doing. Nothing to do with you ever. I cant ever stop you from doing anything to me ever. If you wanted to you could have gay guys come and force me to do whatever it is they want. I also have never been with a man B4 ever. So please Iam asking you to take this very serious cuz I really do. Lets say you owe someone money or a favor. Well you could give me to him or her for payment for as long as you think it should be. Then your even. Or loan me out to people who like to torcher people for fun. Like a nurse they would know how to really do things to me. Have party's for your friends an use me as the entertainment. All I ask is that you never let me cum ever. Play with me and let me come so close then just stop. Watch me suffer. Then the last thing is that after you tie me up I will never know if your going to let me go or sell me to someone or kill me. That's a Hugh rush. But you will have to pick me up and take me to where ever you want. Then that's it I am yours for ever if you want. A permanent sex toy. email] then 313 418 6517, just tell me when your doing this. Please I have nothing to care or live for so let my new reason for living to be pleasuring you always. I will tell you where you have to pick me up at. I have always wanted to be a guys sex toy or slave. I have never been with a man ever. So when you do this you will tell that Iam not lying. I just want you to pick me up and drug me or bring another guy with you with a gun. That way you will force me to be your own sex slave for you to do whatever it is you want to do with me. You can do things like have a few guys over to have fun also. Or if you owe someone something us me as payment. All I ask is never let me go. Till you are through with me. Then give me to someone else. Whatever it is theirs nothing I can do to stop you. Well that's it. Now who is ready to have there dreams satisfied for as long as you want. I will be yours to do what you want with. My life at home is over. I must leave and I have no family at all. So now is the right time to live my life fantasy out with you. So someone let me know when this will happen. I would really think this is a dream come true for a major prick of a male or female. Like I said I have to depend on you to come and get me. But if you think about it. It might be a long way to come get me. But Iam the one that is giving myself my well being to you to do whatever it is you want to do to me. So come on.
Age: 59 | seeks gay Master dating in Detroit, Michigan (MI) USA

7. Newly divorced man taking this opportunity to enjoy something I have wanted to do for many years, meet a top and have fun.
Age: 46 | seeks gay Master dating in Longwood, Orlando, Florida (FL) USA

8. I'm nice bottom in a cross dressing look for top man to masters me
Age: 26 | seeks gay Master dating in Campbellsville, Rural Area, Kentucky (KY) USA

9. Hello every one ! (-: sry a little nervous and excited. so I guess ill start with my name is Kristina, I live in the kcmo area,as of now I present myself as male, yet hoping to change that soon as possible. few years ago I was self medicating,for about 6 months,than my ex gf and mother found out and one thing led to another and I told them I would stop. So I did,reluctantly. but now I'm not with her,and I'm so so ready to become the woman I know I am. . So that's why I'm on this site,hoping to find a master/bf/gf/pimp( what ever the title may be) That would like relocate me and take me in as there personal toy/lover/slave/servant ,ill do whatever it takes ,ill do as you ask ,wait on u hand and foot,get a job or whatever needs to be done to bring money home if need be,I'll dedicate the rest of my life to u and making sure that u are happy and always smiling. In exchange I would like to be feminized ,hrt,implants, and facial/body feminization .i want to be the woman of mine and your dreams,to be urs for ever and always .hope to hear from yall. Love Kristina
Age: 30 | seeks gay Master dating in Kansas City, Missouri (MO) USA

10. I 'd like to meet a well endowed bear-daddy or a REAL top-man because I prefer the view from the bottom! I am 6 foot tall 265 lbs and solid. So I am looking for someone who doesn 't mind I have some meat on my bones, but this is NOT about my size ... it 's about your stamina! I am also looking for someone to love me long time... I want to have to beg you Sir to stop and then I want some more, and since I have not found anyone out the yet that is man to get the job done I am considering looking for a tag-team of two or three if necessary. Replies with a face pic. will get my undivided attention. Can host most weekdays before 4:00 pm
Age: 49 | seeks gay Master dating in Nky Newport Ky Downtown Cinc, Cincinnati, Ohio (OH) USA

11. sub guy looking for dominate tops
Age: 70 | seeks gay Master dating in Carson City, Reno, Nevada (NV) USA

12. My name is sheena And I am 31 years old man I am full hairy top man and I am looking only and only for lover but my lover will be bottom because I am very hot top and I am looking for good and honest and nice bottom lover for life time partnership ok? I dont like few days sex or cam sex so please try to understand ok? And be sure of that I live in Pakistan and in Pakistan not easy to I will show my face so please dont ask me for cam or face pics to ok? And please read my all profile very well ok? Sad story Very long time before I was meet one man he was the bets and beautiful looking man of the world but he say to me that please read this slowly slowly ok? First I was dying to finish my high school and start collage And then I was dying to finish collage and start working Then I was dying to marry and have children And then I was dying for children To grow old enough So I could go back to work but then I was dying to retire And now I am dying And suddenly I realized I forget to live So please dont let this happened to you appreciate your current situation And enjoy each day Your sincere one (KRA) To make money we lose our health. And then to restore our health we lose our money.. We live as if we never going to die. And we die as if we never lived Your sincere one ( Sheena)
Age: 38 | seeks gay Master dating in Arbab Road, Peshawar, Is PAKISTAN

13. Hi I am Hyat khan a 25 year old Mumbai male Escort at your Service; I am a professional bisexual male escort or gay escort or straight male escort with a great personality who will surely make your time with me fun and packed with entertainment when we meet. I am an elite companion available in Mumbai India. If you desire a stimulating encounter with a refined, intelligent, gorgeous escort or gentleman, then look no further...you have found him. Basically, I 'm classy escort and brainy and a bit of a sex fiend. Perhaps you are too? Fun, Discrete, Clean and to match a good sense of humor. :) I am here to enjoy each other's company along with being able to provide you with pleasures you may be craving. My services are 100 % genuine, feel free to contact me via Mobile to book in a convenient time, or you are also more than welcome to email me your requests. Mobile: 91[#]82345 or[#][#]345 Bisexual Male Escort Service, male to male escort, male to Females escort & escort for Couples (M/F, F/F, M/M) Private Calls Social Outings Corporate Events Dinners, Clubbing, Massage, Foot Rubs, finesse, confidentiality, exclusive quality & integrity Warm, SAFE, non judgmental, and friendly Happy to meet either in call or outcall in hotel room 5 '11, fair, athletic built, versatile top Review all info and pictures http://hyatkhan [email]
Age: 27 | seeks gay Master dating in Goegaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

14. I am 34 years from india staying in AbuDhabi (UAE), 173 cms...58 kgs slim and smooth...Looking for a Master top...I am a submissive gay bottom..in AbuDhabi
Age: 36 | seeks gay Master dating in Salam-electra Intersection, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Age: 29 | seeks gay Master dating in Dubai, Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

16. I 'm a Happy-Go-Lucky FUN-Loving guy. I 'm a member of The North Star Gay Rodeo Association. www.NSGRA.org NSGRA 's region is MN &WI. I was the 2009 President. I was also Mr. NSGRA for 2005 &2006. Mr NSGRA 1st Runner-Up 2007 & Trustee to IGRA 2005-08. I love to Country dance with fun guys. I 'm also the Road Captain of my Leather Club Mn Storm. I drive a Semi Truck All over this Beautiful Country! When I stop for the night, I try to find a place to Dance with some Sexy Cowboys, or Hang Out with My Leather Brothers. Looking for Young Fit Fun & Friendly Guys ON & OFF the Dance Floor! Coming to a Gay Rodeo Truck Stop or Rest Area Near You! Hey Stud Wanna A RIDE!
Age: 54 | seeks gay Master dating in Trucking All Over The Usa, Eau Claire, USA

17. dom tops
Age: 37 | seeks gay Master dating in West, Lubbock, Texas (TX) USA

18. LOve Master top guys! Aggressive okay.
Age: 52 | seeks gay Master dating in Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

19. i am Master in top .am looking for a lovely slave or bottom to start a relationship with kiss
Age: 34 | seeks gay Master dating in Amasaman, Accra, Master GHANA

Age: 33 | seeks gay Master dating in Mid -sharjah, Sharjah, Sharjah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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