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1. Iím a b0tt0m crossdresser because Iím a woman with a manís body. So I like only men and act as a biological woman. I ím very svbm!ss!v* and my dream is to have a top master for to obey him forever.
Age: 50 | seeks gay Master dating in - , SPAIN

2. I am new to the scene and am looking for a master to teach me to be a good sub.
Age: 41 | seeks gay Master dating in Binghamton, New York (NY) USA

3. I am a smooth gay chubby slave who loves to cam for demanding masters.
Age: 47 | seeks gay Master dating in Mount Chev, Canterbury NEW ZEALAND

4. I like master because they put the slaves in their place
Age: 31 | seeks gay Master dating in Forest Park, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

5. Interests: humiliation, fisting, fvck!ng r!mm!ng felching, snowballing, sex toys, daddy/son, [email] play, blindfolds, cage/chains/candle wax, leather, discipline, dildos, domination, exhibitionism, masks, groups, master/slave, nipples, BBC domination exclusive interracial attraction, rape, pumping, feet, cbtt, use, abuse, torment masochistic vers in most f*t!sh k!nk types of activity
Age: 57 | seeks gay Master dating in Malden, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) USA

6. slave looking to be owned by master. not much experience in fact a novice have only been tied up a few times while being fucked and a few scat experience. I am an exhibitionist I like my picture or video taken while being used. My íshort-termí goal is to be able to take a fist. Have many piercings and a lot of tattoos and would love to get more... I will relocate if possible. Eventually I want to be a 24/7 no limit slave with total hair perminantly removed from head to toe including eyebrows. to be heavily pierced and tattooed with humiliating words and graphics on face or any visible places and be kept [email] as possible or minimum clothing and never be allowed to wear any footwear and cover my [email] hole. I will serve my master in every way He would like me to and serve His every needs. I will also be His full service toilet and take care of all His bodily function. I will earn my keep as whore, to be rented out or perform in porn. I will also be used for free by anyone or animals my master orders me to serve
Age: 35 | seeks gay Master dating in Hong Kong, Hong Kong HONG KONG

7. i am young master looking for old slave
Age: 32 | seeks gay Master dating in Antakya, Antakya, Hatay TURKEY

8. I am a gay man who looks younger than my age. I recently discovered my svbm!ss!v* side. I hope to find a master willing to train/teach me the art of serving.
Age: 50 | seeks gay Master dating in Albany, New York (NY) USA

9. Looking for masters into taking total control of a loyal leather sub and marking him through tattoos and piercings. Men who like their boy to be inked and pierced with heavy gauge steel include PA, ball sack ring to lock your penis to, nipple rings, septum ring, definitely. This boy ís body and soul are masters í to shape and sculpt.
Age: 68 | seeks gay Master dating in West Oakland, Oakland, California (CA) USA

10. my master is not effective as a master.
Age: 73 | seeks gay Master dating in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

11. I am a gay master, single, here for dating, to find my gay slave, for a long term relationship. Possible marriage with the right slave.
Age: 56 | seeks gay Master dating in Stocksbridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire UNITED KINGDOM

12. master here, looking for a svbm!ss!v* male slave
Age: 46 | seeks gay Master dating in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Georgia (GA) USA

13. finding a master
Age: 31 | seeks gay Master dating in Anderson, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) USA

14. total sub slave that need to be used 4 a master pleasure. c0ck worship, bdsm
Age: 42 | seeks gay Master dating in Westside, Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

15. I like masters because they are controlling and I need control in my life. Plus it gives me great pleasure to be told what to do and for control to be out of my hands. I am gay and in need of a hot gay master.
Age: 19 | seeks gay Master dating in Granby, Rural Area, Connecticut (CT) USA

16. masters would like me because i will submit fully to please them.
Age: 38 | seeks gay Master dating in South, San Jose, California (CA) USA

17. I am a Gay master seeking long term full time slave for a live in.
Age: 32 | seeks gay Master dating in Oaklawn, Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

18. master....new to it. Willing to try anything..into sock/feet ..hairy
Age: 35 | seeks gay Master dating in Thomasville, Rural Area, Alabama (AL) USA

19. str8 slaves seeks gay master
Age: 50 | seeks gay Master dating in Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, California (CA) USA

20. i like masters because i love a man whos in control of me i want to be owned 24/7/365 kept nude or dressed as a sissy and have master unload his cvm in my pvssy and mouth use me as his sissy cunt slave
Age: 63 | seeks gay Master dating in Phelan, Inland Empire, California (CA) USA

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