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1. slave looking to be owned by master. not much experience in fact a novice have only been tied up a few times while being fucked and a few scat experience. I am an exhibitionist I like my picture or video taken while being used. My íshort-termí goal is to be able to take a fist. Have many piercings and a lot of tattoos and would love to get more... I will relocate if possible. Eventually I want to be a 24/7 no limit slave with total hair perminantly removed from head to toe including eyebrows. to be heavily pierced and tattooed with humiliating words and graphics on face or any visible places and be kept [email] as possible or minimum clothing and never be allowed to wear any footwear and cover my [email] hole. I will serve my master in every way He would like me to and serve His every needs. I will also be His full service toilet and take care of all His bodily function. I will earn my keep as whore, to be rented out or perform in porn. I will also be used for free by anyone or animals my master orders me to serve
Age: 35 | seeks gay Master dating in Hong Kong, Hong Kong HONG KONG

2. I am looking for a gay white master who is willing to train a new puppy to the scene. I am brand new the scene of pet play and am willing to try different things.
Age: 26 | seeks gay Master dating in Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC) USA

3. looking for a master who wants permanent slave
Age: 24 | seeks gay Master dating in Paris, Paris FRANCE

4. I love the idea of a master controlling me.I want to be shaven and smooth and completley dominated.I am new to this and would like someone to take me to my limits and beyond.
Age: 37 | seeks gay Master dating in London, London UNITED KINGDOM

5. I would like for my master to humiliate me, punish me, treat me like a whore, share me with his choice of men, use me as his complete bathroom, fvck me with his c0ck and other things, make me tounge fvck him , wash his feet with my mouth..
Age: 37 | seeks gay Master dating in Dover Nh, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (NH) USA

6. I really love gay masters because they help put you in your place , [email] and punish you.
Age: 19 | seeks gay Master dating in Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK) USA

7. looking for a master
Age: 35 | seeks gay Master dating in Toronto, Ontario CANADA

8. Also a trucker seeking trucker master
Age: 47 | seeks gay Master dating in Savannah, Georgia (GA) USA

9. Looking for a master to control and [email] me
Age: 44 | seeks gay Master dating in San Diego, San Diego, California (CA) USA

10. Want an evil master
Age: 30 | seeks gay Master dating in Salford, Lancashire UNITED KINGDOM

11. I am a master to a slave who can appreciate what I have to offer him: sexual challenges, intellectual challenges, and the chance to participate in some extreme S &M in both roles.
Age: 47 | seeks gay Master dating in All, West Virginia (WV) USA

12. i am looking for a gay master who will own my life
Age: 24 | seeks gay Master dating in Sunyani, Ghana GHANA

13. I am a gay sub / slave looking for a hot master to serve from time to time ,, can be mild to wild, tell me what you are wanting SIR
Age: 51 | seeks gay Master dating in Concord, Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) USA

14. Dominant Black masters
Age: 48 | seeks gay Master dating in Orlando, Florida (FL) USA

15. i am muscular slave seeking for serious Dom and well experienced to live my life with .I mean masters who posses all these three characters,loving caring and honest.i do not care to know whom he is or what he does but what i care is to know how he can love and care for me as and train me as his slave and own me as his property forever.i am very interesting to be around with,am,very sexy sympathetic and also romantic .i love to sing create something of no existence just to keep me and my environment in a happy mood.it is possible for me to tell whether i like you or not but difficult for me to know who or my love oneís.if you feel any thing about me or feel like talking to me just hit me up and i promise you will never regrets ever knowing me...more over, true love they say exist in the heart of men and women of which i can boast of one.this is something i see as a reality and a dream come through to experience with my master to be for my whole life....as i am ready to give my first trust of human to the love of my life and the master of my life who is ready to love me as i will love him..
Age: 29 | seeks gay Master dating in Jinijini, Berekum, Accra GHANA

16. Im a dom gay man who enjoys dating or having a Gay Male slave to service the masters needs
Age: 26 | seeks gay Master dating in Rome, Rome, Rome ITALY

17. master would enjoy meeting other guys 20-48, That might enjoy enemas, spanking, paddling, whipping, restraint, [email] t!t play, diapers, role play, etc. A friendship would be nice, but a LTR would be great! Just a regular guy that was raised in the country by older folks. There was a strap behind the bedroom door and a big red enema bag behind the bathroom door!
Age: 52 | seeks gay Master dating in Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC) USA

18. Iím nice b0tt0m in a cross dressing look for top man to masters me
Age: 25 | seeks gay Master dating in Campbellsville, Rural Area, Kentucky (KY) USA

19. Looking for masters into taking total control of a loyal leather sub and marking him through tattoos and piercings. Men who like their boy to be inked and pierced with heavy gauge steel include PA, ball sack ring to lock your penis to, nipple rings, septum ring, definitely. This boy ís body and soul are masters í to shape and sculpt.
Age: 68 | seeks gay Master dating in West Oakland, Oakland, California (CA) USA

20. Hello every one ! (-: sry a little nervous and excited. so I guess ill start with my name is Kristina, I live in the kcmo area,as of now I present myself as male, yet hoping to change that soon as possible. few years ago I was self medicating,for about 6 months,than my ex gf and mother found out and one thing led to another and I told them I would stop. So I did,reluctantly. but now Iím not with her,and Iím so so ready to become the woman I know I am. . So thatís why Iím on this site,hoping to find a master/bf/gf/pimp( what ever the title may be) That would like relocate me and take me in as there personal toy/lover/slave/servant ,ill do whatever it takes ,ill do as you ask ,wait on u hand and foot,get a job or whatever needs to be done to bring money home if need be,Iíll dedicate the rest of my life to u and making sure that u are happy and always smiling. In exchange I would like to be feminized ,hrt,implants, and facial/body feminization .i want to be the woman of mine and your dreams,to be urs for ever and always .hope to hear from yall. Love Kristina
Age: 28 | seeks gay Master dating in Kansas City, Missouri (MO) USA

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