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Looking for master(s) who will use me in 1on1,3some and in groups and who will rent me and share me with other men... Looking to be transformed into shemale with hormones, permanent epilation, face feminization surgery, surgical castration (balls and scrotum removal only) and turned into sex toy, slut, bitch, sex slave, whore for Men.
Age: 55 | seeks gay Master dating in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario CANADA


i am a slave looking for master in Chicago
Age: 43 | seeks gay Master dating in Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA



masters are the HOTEST, there nice cocks. The attitude when they fuck you. Mmmm. Special when they unload deep in my ass. Message me and let ’s meet up... slaves rules for the day of me being a slave. 1. I must call u master or sir at all times unless in public. 2. The natural state for a slave is naked and i will be naked in master presence at all times, unless instructed otherwise or leaving or in not nude public areas. 3. I will douche morning and night... 4. I will kneel at my masters feet or be face down with boi pussy up. 5. Im here to pleasure you not myself. 6. I will only cum when ordered too. 7. for the day of slavery my arse hole will be called cunt, pussy, cum dump. 8. I will refer to my hole as your pussy and show my pussy off and beg you to play with it. 9. Only in public do I have an identity or name other then Slut Pussy Cunt Cocksucker Dump And I must respond to these names 10. My objective as your slave is to pleasure you. So if you are hard I must drop to my knees and either suck u off or allow u to fuck my pussy. 11. I must swallow my masters piss at all times or take it in my pussy 12. My pussy is designed to take my masters cum or piss and his GUESTS at all times. 13. If any cum drips out of my pussy I must scoop it up and swallow it. 14. I must swallow my food that my master has cum on/in. 15. I must always beg for my masters cum and thank him when I receive it 16. I must take my masters cock anytime he wants. Even outside or in public. 17. My masters cock and cum gives me life, I must show my thankfulness at all times. 18. My pussy must never use condoms. All cocks will enter me raw and I must accept with honor any cum or piss pumped inside. 19. I will willingly, freely and to the best of my ability serve master sexually in any way He requires 20. I will make my body available for master ’s use at all times moving to give master better or easier access as required e.g. Opening legs for access to my pussy. 21. My safe word is Hippopotamus. Only this word will stop things any other word that means no will make you more rough. 22. Have any suggestions to add here then let me know sir. As I ’m here waiting to serve you.
Age: 32 | seeks gay Master dating in Sydney, Nsw AUSTRALIA


Im a sub and it seems like theres alot more.subs then doms and alot more slaves than masters, so, lookin for a internet master c: im alex 18, i weigh 95 pnds, but that wasn’t an option, im really short to. Im looking for a male because im gay, i like to play around and act like a kid sometimes when others i like to be serious. But just love having fun
Age: 20 | seeks gay Master dating in Portland, Maine (ME) USA


I like to serve a gay master, naked, to be controled, get punishments, spanking, humiliation, anal penetration, balls torture, and all a slave is made for
Age: 49 | seeks gay Master dating in Rive-sud Montreal, Longueuil, Quebec CANADA


I am a gay man looking for a master. I love serving real men who know what they like an want out of a slave. I am looking to serve by sending/ posting pictures or videos. I want to be told what to do, eat, wear, etc. I want my life to be what they want. I work but besides that I am willing and wanting to do anything/everything
Age: 26 | seeks gay Master dating in Taylor, Detroit, Michigan (MI) USA


Love to meet very big...very tall...6’-4 non leather master who loves power and domination...exerts complete power and control over his slave in everyway on a daily basis...slave wishes to be collared, chained, caged, being diapered for extended periods w/limited use of bathroom...being masters toilet...speech control and trained in every way to fit a Gay master’s well being discplined. No rights...Eventually to be owned 24/7/365 to serve completely.
Age: 56 | seeks gay Master dating in Providence, Rhode Island (RI) USA


slave in NH and travel for right Dom master. please E-Mail me at: [email] Thank you Sir.
Age: 47 | seeks gay Master dating in Concord, Manchester, New Hampshire (NH) USA


searching for a master who will train me and make me his slave who will worship and serve his master
Age: 61 | seeks gay Master dating in All, Missouri (MO) USA


gay slave looking to be owned permanently, no limits, no way out, rented out across the world as a fucktoy, pleasing master in every way possible. love body mods, tattoos, piercings, chastity, forced chems, bondage
Age: 26 | seeks gay Master dating in Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA


Looking for a LEATHER master to collar and own this leather slave. Nothing is HOTTER than a man in FULL TIGHT BLACK LEATHER, a man who lives HIS life in leather, like this leather slave. to have a masterS chain and padlock of ownership around slaves neck, would be an HONOUR. to SERVE its master. leather slave is a raw slave and wants a RAW LEATHER master!!
Age: 56 | seeks gay Master dating in Nimbin, Nsw AUSTRALIA


master wanted for me to totaly submit to him, any race, i can be long term slave for the right master,
Age: 50 | seeks gay Master dating in Out Skirts, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA) USA


Transvestite loves sex bound, tied up, chained, collared and leashed. I am looking for a master or group who loves to dominate. Experience as sex slave.
Age: 37 | seeks gay Master dating in Frankfurt, GERMANY


I am a leather master looking for a permanent slave. I am a truck driver.
Age: 51 | seeks gay Master dating in All, Kentucky (KY) USA


I am a 26y/o gay submissive male new to the scene seeking a mate/master/Dom between the ages of 21 - 50 who is into bdsm, cbt, vacuum pumping, electrostim, and tt. I'm willing to try milking, edging, sensory depreviation, needle play/piercing, injecting saline into my testicles, sounds, and more, however I am not sure I want to try breath play, though if you are the right person this is a definate possibility. Also interested in loosing weight and get ripped. I hope, one day in life, to be muscled enough to be on part with professional bodybuilders, but am not interested in competing in such competitions unless you want me to. Willing to do this by any means necessary, as you can see and probably agree, I need to get into better shape. This goes along with one of my biggest fantasy's. To become a Muscular milkbull of a monster. I have always fantasized of being forced to take cum volume enhancing suppliments/drugs and hooked up a milking machine untill I produce enough cum that my balls grow in size due to the experience and be required to be milked multiples times of day because of it. (if you want an example please google search this: "departmental property " "bdsm " and its the first link and the 20th story down. ) Also (if this turns you off then so be it) a big part of my life envolves a little known word called Otherkin. (you can read up at otherkin ([----]) net) so hit me up if you are interested to know about that part of my life. My current limits are small such as no scat and no permenant marks unless otherwise agreed on as my current living situation does not permit it. Also while I am definitely not against body modification once my living situation improves, it would have to be discussed in great detail as I already have in mind certain modifications I would like to make and have been told by my ex mate that I am what he considers to be a pain slut. I am unsure if submitting to the slave lifestyle 24/7 is something for me but I have considered it and will definatly consider it for the right person. Are you interested and able/willing to help expand my horizons with the above and anything else you see fit? I have a basic account so I am unable to read emails sent to this account. please email me at my [----] account with the same username.
Age: 32 | seeks gay Master dating in Rural Area, Arkansas (AR) USA


i am a slave not under a master ’s control at the moment. In order for life to be fulfilling i hope to meet a mature master who truly enjoys all aspects of cp and bdsm
Age: 62 | seeks gay Master dating in Maidstone, Kent UNITED KINGDOM


am looking for a kind hearted master who like a black slave for him to serve him any time any day and for the rest of his life.
Age: 33 | seeks gay Master dating in Sunyani, Sunyani, Brong Ahafo GHANA


i am master in top .am looking for a lovely slave or bottom to start a relationship with kiss
Age: 31 | seeks gay Master dating in Amasaman, Accra, Master GHANA


am looking for a master who is very nice and kindness, lovely and care person . a person who ready to take me as slave ,son and brother as well.or slave who want me to be his master ready here for u as my slave ..
Age: 21 | seeks gay Master dating in New York, New York City, New York (NY) USA


i am seeking a master to own me and train me to his taste , i have been in this life style for about 1 year now,But am new to this web site.. I am seeking a master to use me in sex,bondage,full house slave, rope, cage, domestic, animal,cook, piss, suck , nipple clip more...
Age: 31 | seeks gay Master dating in Rehab, Tagamu, Alwel EGYPT

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