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1. slave looking to be owned by master. not much experience in fact a novice have only been tied up a few times while being fucked and a few scat experience. I am an exhibitionist I like my picture or video taken while being used. My íshort-termí goal is to be able to take a fist. Have many piercings and a lot of tattoos and would love to get more... I will relocate if possible. Eventually I want to be a 24/7 no limit slave with total hair perminantly removed from head to toe including eyebrows. to be heavily pierced and tattooed with humiliating words and graphics on face or any visible places and be kept [email] as possible or minimum clothing and never be allowed to wear any footwear and cover my [email] hole. I will serve my master in every way He would like me to and serve His every needs. I will also be His full service toilet and take care of all His bodily function. I will earn my keep as whore, to be rented out or perform in porn. I will also be used for free by anyone or animals my master orders me to serve
Age: 35 | seeks gay Master dating in Hong Kong, Hong Kong HONG KONG

2. I am a gay sub / slave looking for a hot master to serve from time to time ,, can be mild to wild, tell me what you are wanting SIR
Age: 51 | seeks gay Master dating in Concord, Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) USA

3. looking for master(s) who will use me in 1on1, threesome and in groups and who will rent me and share me with other men... looking master who will transform me into shemale with hormones, permanent epilation, face feminization surgery, surgical castration (balls and scrotum removal only) and turn me into sex toy, slut, bitch, sex slave, whore for Males.
Age: 62 | seeks gay Master dating in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario CANADA

4. i am a slave looking for master in Chicago
Age: 43 | seeks gay Master dating in Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

5. Im a sub and it seems like theres alot more.subs then doms and alot more slaves than masters, so, lookin for a internet master c: im alex 18, i weigh 95 pnds, but that wasnít an option, im really short to. Im looking for a male because im gay, i like to play around and act like a kid sometimes when others i like to be serious. But just love having fun
Age: 20 | seeks gay Master dating in Portland, Maine (ME) USA

6. I am a gay man looking for a master. I love serving real men who know what they like an want out of a slave. I am looking to serve by sending/ posting pictures or videos. I want to be told what to do, eat, wear, etc. I want my life to be what they want. I work but besides that I am willing and wanting to do anything/everything
Age: 26 | seeks gay Master dating in Taylor, Detroit, Michigan (MI) USA

7. looking for a LEATHER master to collar and own this leather slave. Nothing is HOTTER than a man in FULL TIGHT BLACK LEATHER, a man who lives HIS life in leather, like this leather slave. to have a masterS chain and padlock of ownership around slaves neck, would be an HONOUR. to SERVE its master. leather slave is a raw slave and wants a RAW LEATHER master!!
Age: 56 | seeks gay Master dating in Nimbin, Nsw AUSTRALIA

8. Transvestite loves sex bound, tied up, chained, collared and leashed. I am looking for a master or group who loves to [email] Experience as sex slave.
Age: 38 | seeks gay Master dating in Frankfurt, GERMANY

9. I am a leather master looking for a permanent slave. I am a truck driver.
Age: 51 | seeks gay Master dating in All, Kentucky (KY) USA

10. am looking for a kind hearted master who like a black slave for him to serve him any time any day and for the rest of his life.
Age: 33 | seeks gay Master dating in Sunyani, Sunyani, Brong Ahafo GHANA

11. i am master in top .am looking for a lovely slave or b0tt0m to start a relationship with kiss
Age: 32 | seeks gay Master dating in Amasaman, Accra, Master GHANA

12. am looking for a master who is very nice and kindness, lovely and care person . a person who ready to take me as slave ,son and brother as well.or slave who want me to be his master ..am ready here for u as my slave ..
Age: 21 | seeks gay Master dating in New York, New York City, New York (NY) USA

13. I am a gay master looking for a slave boy.
Age: 47 | seeks gay Master dating in Southeast, Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

14. I can see myself being the dom/order-giver type. New to this but looking to explore! Definitely not the typical master in the sense that i ’m not into caging, collaring, or physically harming my slaveboy...just in it for the obedience. So if you ’re a chub chaser who also happens to be a sub or slave type, HIT ME UP!
Age: 44 | seeks gay Master dating in Kalamazoo, All, Michigan (MI) USA

15. I am a down to earth slave...totally submissivce amd 100% obedient.. I am looking for a life term master to [email] me for the rest of my life... I am willing to learn more things because i believe no one can know itall.I have beennfully trained for 3 years and have always served masters for short term but home and abroad..but this time i seek a master to serve for the rest of my life with Love ,care and Honesty and we would spend the rest of our lifes together.. I await your correspondence.
Age: 35 | seeks gay Master dating in Taiwo, Ilorin, Kwara NIGERIA

16. Fit kinky sleazy skin type sub slave lad are words that best describe me. looking for very Dom Masculine master for regular training leading to 24/7. special interest in no release type situation. Like very demanding controlling types with full means to control and environment to enforce...cage cellar dungeon etc. No timewasters. Key words: Dom, leather, rubber, tough, ruff, 24/7, Hard, hvng Firm.
Age: 38 | seeks gay Master dating in Central, London, Central London UNITED KINGDOM

17. CPHmaster looking for a permanent slave, but also looking to exchange experiences with other masters. Enjoy bdsm spending time in the outdoors. I believe in values as honesty, friendship and loyalty!
Age: 43 | seeks gay Master dating in DENMARK

18. Open to exploring what I like, I like it wild but not too, not into t0rtvr* or anything more humiliation, verbal degradation, submission, like bieng used and shared. Into a man who’s h0rny and likes to take control, also in a true master would like someone I could be with long term, and is loving relationship as well as playful in the master slave relationship......I’m still looking for what I want exactly.....new to this. Interested in a man who wants to share my first total submission as a really hot and sacred thing.
Age: 30 | seeks gay Master dating in Ashland, Medford, Oregon (OR) USA

19. I went to prison at 26 a slim handsome white boy convicted of a white collar crime. I was eenslaved by a white gang and staying with a member now. They want me to suffer but after 3 years of horrific treatment, I want to be owned, beaten, never free of restraints, never permitted to cover my body, never cvm sexually tortured, and trained by force to please you. I need this because I will go back inside if I don’t have a man to beat me into his property. I will resist until you break me and I am not gay, hate anything in my [email] hate men even looking at my nude body but I was shown that I am not a true man but if a man can do all the things I mentioned, then my purpose is to please him even if I can never get hard if a man looks at me nude. My celly never let me wear clothes in our cell and guys would stare and it was humiliating. If you like my body, just pick me up and use me like a fvck boy is used by his owner. I am well trained in most ways. The thug who is finding me a hard master beat my dick til it bled last night for begging for him not to rape me with his monster c0ck My asshole is still so tight my pinky hurts it. I passed out from his rape. So now I have a big spiked rubber plug inside me. Tonight a man has an hour to decide if he wants me. So take me and break me. I will submit to a man who can make me lick his feet willingly just because he’s my superior.
Age: 31 | seeks gay Master dating in Cage In Basement, Youngstown, Ohio (OH) USA

20. master who is ideally looking for a 24/7 relationship, but until I find the right bois I need as slaves/puppies/true subs, Iím open to helpingyou with what you need. To me itís about total CONTROL over you at all times, if in play or a 24/7 TOTAL OWNERSHIP. MY OPINION IS A master IS ONLY HERE ON EARTH TO HELP...... slaveS, SUBS,BOIS, JUST MY OPINION. I have pics of my work. Iím very serious and willing to accept the right bois. IF YOUíRE looking for SOMETHING SPECIAL, ASK. MOST OF ALL BE HONEST... HONESTY IS VERY SEXY, IT SHOWS YOUR TOTALLY OPEN. Pictures are of a partime slave/puppy/labor slave. He has a BF, so heís not mine. Have had him for a year now. I NEED A FULLTIME PUPPY/slave, AND IN TIME A WHOLE LEATHER FAMILY. Contact me if you are totally serious.
Age: 29 | seeks gay Master dating in Sacramento, California (CA) USA

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